Imperial topaz question

Hi I have a red imperial topaz. It is 15 grams in a matrix. Does anyone know what the value of this gemstone as it gets bigger in size? Most of mine and one of mine is transparent. Thanks. I did read that they can reach upwards of 20000 per carat on google. Is that actually a true statement? Thanks

Greetings, Unfortunately the pics are a bit blurry, I feel that they would retain the highest value as is in specimen form. Not exactly gemmy material from the looks of things…Hard to put a for sure price on it but will not meet standards for facet stone price… Hope the info helps.


And to answer your question about price per ct. Yes! Imperial topaz in high quality with the right clarity and color can demand a very steep price!

Oh thank you for telling me! I thought one was transparent. One was mostly transparent expept the very top a little and maybe some at the bottom of the stone. That is more depending on the angle of the light.And one was more of a mix depending on where you looked at the stone. am not a expert. Thank you for all your help!

I seriously doubt you are going to see any imperial topaz of the highest quality command $20,000 per ct!

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Thank you for all your help! Now I know that is really really harder to find! It is only the top topaz!

I agree with Matthew that (based on the photos) it is far better off being sold as a Specimen rather than as Facet Rough which it would surely have to be far more translucent to be considered IMO.
As far as actual value goes … I have no idea. You might consider putting it on eBay or the like and Auction it off with a minimum/set value. You might find “similar” sized quality and/or color specimens on eBay that would give you an idea of potential value or a place to start the Bidding at.
It’s a nice specimen.

It looks like specimen material only. I hope you didn’t pay gem price for it. The only way to judge it properly is to take it to a gem cutter and ask what he/she could get out of it. Photos in incident light only cannot tell whether gem rough is facetable or not without some photos showing transparency. Even then small inclusions may inhibit final cut size if you want an eye clear result ie no inclusions w

Nope I paid around 45 dollars for it including shipping. Then I saw that afterward I thought thought some transparency was in the rock. Thanks