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Retired Chief Building Official & By-Law Enforcement Officer. Also retired from my home business of Private Bldg. Inspection, Architectural Drafting, Arch. Forensic Inspections & Expert Witness Services. Retired Bldg. Contractor.
Injured back on a job in 1984. Had first surgery in 1990. I’m now too crippled to do much of anything but tired of wasting my artistic talents.

Having been an avid Rock Hound since I was 10 yrs old and doing very well in Geology in High School, I was also introduced to Lapidary arts while in High School and have always wanted to Facet Gemstones.

I finally got my opportunity and purchased an Old Graves Mk 1 Faceting machine and started faceting in mid-December 2019.
I am a Hobby Cutter first and foremost but I hope to sell enough of my cut stones to help offset the high cost of this hobby. However, I doubt at my age and with the equipment I have that I will ever be a Professional or Commercial Cutter.