White blemish on a pink purple diamond

i am trying to name the inclusions on my pink purple diamond and it would be helpful if someone can define me what kind of inclusion I have on it. I attached some pictures of it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I would say it looks more like an attached fracture than an inclusion. AKA, its a bit of stone that is broken through, but has not yet separated from the parent stone. A fracture that is shallow enough will typically appear whitish against the background material. It will likely come loose if you picked at the edges with a metal probe.


i would say it is a cleavage fracture !

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Any idea from which country the stone was mined?
That would give a clue as to the type of inclusion.
Also, If found in alluvial deposit.

My impression is that you have purple amethyst as your main stone and the white fracture is just part of the main stone where the iron chromophore ran out during formation. So your “blemish” would be colorless quartz. See attached photos to see how rough amethyst changes from violet to purple to colorless as the iron chromophore runs out during formation. Additionally, I didn’t see any indicators that your main stone is rough diamond and I’m formally trained in rough diamond evaluation by the Diamond Education College in Johannesburg, South Africa (1 year in residency). ;))

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hi thanks for your answer, but i run some tests and its probably a diamond, i have a certificate too but i suppose the fractures might irritate a little :slight_smile:

hi, unfortunately its not written on the certificate but i guess it’s a fracture

Please post your “certificate”.

It looks like a simple fracture rather than an inclusion. The fracture is also quartz-like, whereas diamond would usually show a more regular fracture, Amethyst also fades under ultraviolet light exposure because the color is due to electronic displacements allied to Fe 4+ and due to radioactivity in nature. A simple scratch test against carborundum eg a grinding wheel would show whether it is diamond. Is the certificate from India?

I agree is amethyst

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And where is that certificate from ?

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LOL She should run some tests on that certificate!!