What is this?

I have been finding the most interesting stones in my river rocks in Iowa. Is this valuable?

Hi Lori, it looks like dyed banded agate

Why would a dyed stone be found in a river bed?

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I have no idea, it could be natural, but IMO, like I said it “looks” dyed. I see what looks like uneven red blotches and also what appears to be ‘chips’ that are white or what appears to be crevices where dye didn’t quite infiltrate

It looks very much like rosarita, glass slag from gold refining:

Looks similar to the brecciated Jasper we have in our creek.

That was my first thought too–I haven’t seen it rough but my cut and polished rosarita cabochons have very similar color and banding.

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It looks like polished, petrified Bubble Gum off a sidewalk ! :slight_smile:

There is a lot of it here! It only has water on it for the pic but I hand polished it also! I think they are stunning! Any more ideas? It is definitely not dyed, also. I need to cut some pieces.