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Warning to members

I would like to warn all members that there is a person on this site from Pakistan that is claiming to be a miner and gemstone dealer. Be warned he has little knowledge of gemstones other than to offer you what appears to be very good stones… which once paid for never arrive. He will send you a couple of worthless poor quality stones and a couple of synthetic stones and a heap of excuses. I put my hands up to being a fool in believing that as a member of this organistion he would be genuine so the fault lies with me. I did however want to warn other members to be very cautious.


Whats the Name?


Sounds like the same person that has beenon facet Book
you should let the admin people about him so they can remove the bugga


What’s the name , please?.

Could you please provide the name? I have been receiving pressure to buy from a Pakistan based dealer. While the prices seem good the quality is questionable.

Hi Shawn,
If you tell me the name of the guy that is trying to sell to you I will be happy to tell you if it is the same person. However I stress that there is a lot of poor material that comes out of there. Often you get a picture of a piece but when it arrives it is nothing like the picture. I don’t want to cast aspirations purely on my own personal experience by giving out a name. Let me know.

Please see my reply to Shawn below

Sorry I put Shawn should have been sevenson

Thank You

You know you should tell everyone the name. If you are going to say a man cheated you, then you should tell all of us his name so we dont buy from him. There are many Pakistani dealers floating around and it is not good to disparage all of them when only one is here. There may be more here but to know the name of the one you are talking to would be good. Thanks and have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Do we have a name or email address for this Fake?