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TechDiamondTools Diamond Polishing Compounds for Radiant Shine

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to TechDiamondTools - a Silicon Valley based manufacturer of polishing diamond compounds which will help you to obtain a mirror like finish on your one of a kind fabulous gem.

We believe that you might benefit greatly from our product. Our confidence is based on our expertise and our clients’ experience with our product. Even the way we found out about this community was that our client contacted us to say that he is extremely satisfied with the results and that we absolutely had to go on Opal Auctions (they specialize in opals). Eventually, we found ourselves here, which seems to be a nice place.

Since 2013, we have sold more than 50,000 polishing compounds and become an Amazon bestseller with organic 4.8-star reviews for all our products. We have won the trust of customers in the USA and far beyond its borders. Over the years, we ship to Canada, to Australia, and to Europe every day. Specialists in the gem industry, and hobbyists and experts from other various fields order our product again and again.

You are more than welcome to visit our online store:

Thank you for your time!!

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Hi there,

Just a couple of questions lol…is this compound ok for all gems or do you just recommend for diamonds? Also your pack of 10 drill bits, Product ID: 3636…would these be suitable for use with a dremel, as in would the dremel hold them? Person I have in mind for these does driftwood art and is for ever looking for tools that dont wear out so quickly.


Hi Buck,

It’s a good question, thank you!

Basically, diamond polishing paste works well with all gems, but, depending on the hardness of the stone, you might need pastes of different grit to get the best results. For example, for a ruby 8,000 will be enough, but for an opal you’ll need 100,000 Grit.

Unfortunately, 3636 is not a match for a dremel, and tools we sell are not for work with wood. Sorry, can’t be helpful here.


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Thanks for the reply Mariya.

Quite often she had to grind stones/dirt etc out of the wood. Thought 3636 would work using the side of the bit for her, but that saved me a couple of dollars lol. I have saved off your site for future reference with the polishes and what not…maybe one day I might see some dremel bits on there for her.

Hi, Buck,

Cool, thanks for saving off our site.
Yeah, everything might happen. But anyway, hope she will find something that suits her best sooner rather than later =)

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