I purchased a gemstone yesterday It is like pathmaraga but in Sri Lanka one local lab didn’t give pathmaraga for this they are telling can give vivid pink to this can you. But it has orangey pink look can any GIA gemologist tell me is it pathmaraga

It can be any pink gemstone until it is tested for refractive index, density etc, by a knowledgeable person. A photograph is not sufficient for identity. What is a pathmaraga? A kunzite, a pink sapphire, a pink topaz etc. A native name does not confer identity nor what the stone is unless it comes from a reputable seller who is wt

Sorry for the glitch in my computer. A reputable seller will always agree to refund the purchase price if you are not satisfied. If not, you have been conned.

I tested it it’s a natural Unheated sapphire 1.06ct and in this stone there is slightly orange and dominant pink colours are there but for the first look it is like a pink sapphire but orange is slightly there so that I am asking can we give it to Pathmaraga in sapphire if it is orange and pink mixtures we can give pathmaraga so that I am asking if it is pathmaraga price will go high
I purchased it for pink sapphires price sir


@IvanIvarsD72471, and any other member of this forum will have difficulty identifying that absolutely beautiful stone you have, without taking independent measurements in person.

The best option you have, is to take it to a GIA or GRS lab to be tested.

For anyone who is interested, Padmaranga is the local name in Sri Lanka for Padparadscha

Hope this helps, sir!


Thank you sir for your reply I will check in GRS when I am going to Bangkok


the difference between pink and pad can be quite subtle. pad has some orangy yellow in it although is more pink… a good pad is worth a lot… it’s worth getting appraised when you get to Bankok, but only from a reputable dealer/appraiser.


Thank you sir for your valuable reply

The labeling of these types of sapphires can get very subjective.