Obsidian or not

Can this be obsidian or glass, found in Boise river in Boise Idaho and wasent sure if it could be this bright.

It’s pretty clear and has tiny half circles on exterior , I haven’t done any test yet with hardness or weight.

Maybe moldavite?

Or the rest of some green bottle


Not Moldavite, nor obsidians, probably glass.

I vote for a green bottle fragment.

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The sides of this specimen are suspiciously parallel and flat…it’s beat up and frosted from being in the river a long while, but I am betting bottle glass based on the parallel and flat sides. -royjohn



Hi there all, I see glass like fracture patterns and a very neat and clean brake not conclusive with natural material, such as onyx or that of obsidian, nor any other volcanic gem matter such as obsidian and or other natural mineral deposits. It is most likely a pigmented or manufactured man made glass.

The thickness, relatively parallel & flat, glass like fracture all point to bottelite - probably an old one given the thickness but bottel glass all the same.

Thank you all for your responses, sorry for long reply , snow has been taking up all free time lately. I did an sg measurement and it was 2.6, which threw me off because I do agree with glass , but the thickness is what questioned me, even with old glass there are some flaws and I have yet to find glass that thick and color. I will do some close up for everyone with measurements included for you to see. Thanks

The transparency, deep and uniform color, clean conchoidal fracture, and shape strongly suggest glass, perhaps from an old wine bottle. Perhaps Bigfoot had a taste for French champagne.


This could be an old wine bottle base or even an old rum bottle. Back in the day, they made flasks from glass for the every day carry. These old flasks were quite thick. I have one but it’s packed up in my barn. They came in light blue, brown and green.
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It is glass, an old miner we know took one look at it and went into his back room pulled out 3 different green bottles and some broken pieces of many from thelate 1800. It’s to close to say it’s not. Thanks guys for all your thoughts.


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