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New member looking for trusted gemstone suppliers

Hello I am a reasonably new member here and I would like to introduce myself, I’m Michael. I’m a novice jeweler mainly chains and bracelets some rings. I work mainly with silver, gold and sometimes platinum. I have a question for the membership, can anyone offer suggestions on trustworthy gem suppliers? I am looking for reasonable prices, of course as well as disclosure of all treatments, real certification would be appreciated as well. When I say reasonable prices I mean somewhere between western commercial and eastern negotiated. I don’t expect to find a 1ct vs ruby untreated for $200😂 any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Highly recommend two suppliers, one is for untreated gemstones. I have known the proprietor for several years and acquired my own unheated Pink sapphire from him (Ed Bristol). The other is a new supplier on ETSY, just purchased my second set of untreated Sapphires, called SAPPHIRE PAL (look on Etsy) his name is Pete out of Australia . Longer relationship with Mr. Bristol, all my gems have been verified by a GIA Gemologist associate and friend. Best to you.


I haven’t bought a great deal from these suppliers but have had excellent customer service from all three: John Dyer gems, ATG (All That Glitters), and most recently GemFix. The latter is located in San Diego and their store is online only.


Hi I have some reasonably priced gems. I am based in the UK and guarantee all my stones. I try to be accurate in my description. My WhatsApp is +4407724594079. Name is Christopher.


I just wanted to thank everyone for there suggestions, you have given me some places to look. Thank you crystalDianrN62880 for including your suggestions also that you had your stones tested by GIA. So often when feedback is left for a gemseller everyone sings the company’s praises yet fails to say whether they had the stones treatmeants or lack there of certified. Again thank you for everyone’s replies, please leave more suggestions if you have them.

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I live in Canada. I’m a gemstones supplier for 5 auction houses, mine included - Elite Auction. You can find them all on I have stones from all the categories, but I’m concentrated on selling medium quality ones, which fit very well for jewellery or investments purposes. I sell for less than wholesale prices in 90% of the cases. In multiple occasions I’ve sold calibrated gemstones, specially cut for jewellery. O can supply any kind of gemstones, on custom orders, at prices more than affordable. In case you are interested I can be contacted at 604-616-3640. Ovi


Hi Michael, I am a one-man operation, doing custom gemstone faceting in Southern California. I have good access to quality rough of virtually any type, and do my cutting and polishing on a state of the art, Ultratech V5 machine. I’m not interested in doing massive quantities of calibrated stones but invite inquiries on any custom needs. My current inventory is around 100 stones which include sapphire, emerald, spinel, many colors of tourmaline (chrome, pink, rubellite and more). I have a wide variety of beautiful garnet colors including Tsavorite Mandarin, Merelani mint, and red rhodolite. I also have Tanzanite, ruby, and some uniquely faceted Ethiopian opal. The majority of my stones have not received any treatment, but if any have received treatment, that information is always provided. My current inventory is not GIA certified but if that is a requirement, I am literally a short driving distance from GIA headquarters in Carlsbad California and obtaining certification is no problem. I also believe in reasonable pricing and that’s why I use the Gem World International pricing guide. It starts with color grading using their World Of Color, color grading system, and then establishes a wholesale price using a proprietary software program which is updated every two weeks to reflect current market conditions. For more information, please contact me,
Larry Berna at, or feel free to call me 310 567 4736


Hi Michael, I am based out of NY and we specialize in Sapphires and Semi-precious stones. We have a lapidary in Sri Lanka where we source and cut custom orders for calibrated and free sizes. We are regular exhibitors at the JA NY shows (we have one coming up this weekend) but you are welcome to stop by our office if ever you are in NYC. Feel free to contact me for more information at or 718-753-5135.
Patrick Gerardu
Gerardu Gems & Jewelry

High James i based in London rough gem supplier like Ruby Emerald from Ethiopia if you have interest
i am happy to serve you my mobile 07931747319 My name is Roble

My company Creation By Suzanne, LLC is a Broker/Wholesaler of loose fine colored gemstones, both natural and lab-created. I have in my vault old stock natural gemstones cut in Chanthaburi, Thailand, priced at wholesale. I do have many fine spinels of different colors but mostly red. I do have other gemstones in stock, such as aquamarines, amethyst, garnets, kunzite, lapis lazuli, Ethiopian opal, peridot, sapphires, topaz, tourmalines and zircons. The rubies I do have are marquise shaped, heat treated, no glass, and are small and meant to be accent stones in settings. They were mined in Thailand.

If you require specialty designer cut gemstones, please let me know. I have my source for these, too.

If you require for each gemstone to be GIA certified, I can send them in to GIA thru my Laboratory account, for an additional fee.

If we can be of any service, please email me at:

Please note: not all of my in-stock gemstones are on the website. I can send to you photos and videos upon request.

Best regards,
Linda Fitzwater, GIA AJP
Creation By Suzanne, LLC
Lexington, KY USA

Looks like your getting buried by dealers here! I am an aspiring dealer so no, im not ready to start selling yet!! However, may I suggest a few things? Current market trends are going toward pastel colored topaz, thats what the big money says anyway. However I have noticed a trend to the fire colored stones and of course blue is still world wide the most popular. I highly suggest you look at your customer base or the customers your going after. See what colors and shapes you can sell. Dont try to swing for the fence right out of the gate, sell some sub $300 dollar pieces, and build some loyal clients. It wont take long for those easily sold 300$ to become $3000. But this business is about trust, look at your title of your question here! People need to trust you with 300 before someones going to trust you with 3k. Maybe stick at first to garnets and peridot as there are no current lab created stones so you wont need certification. OR just use lab created stones, they are dollars per carat and are chemically the exact same as natural stones. Most consumers dont care about lab vs natural - go check out the big box stores its all lab created. Once you build a good rep on your craftsmanship then youll start attracting those high end customers looking for real stones. Maybe by then I will have my shop open, and by then you will probably have met some good dealers. Just remember its really hard to buy online you just cant see the real sparkle. I recommend keep looking for dealers in your area that have inventory you can physically touch and see before buying. Hope that helps sorry for the TLDR post!!

I just checked prices at Wildfishgems…out of this world high…full on retail

I agree with that! LOL

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are spot on with regards to building the business for sure!

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