Natural or synthetic ruby?

Hi everyone,
i am open to every opinion regarding this ruby to or not to be.

It is hard, if not impossible to say just by looking at a picture.

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Hello, I am new but to me it looks like a natural ruby as there are inclusions in the stone.

Based on the first poor picture, the Ruby looks like a very poor quality natural ruby. A good pulled synthetic would have great color and clarity

Hi everyone
Do you think that the ruby is glass filled?

The stone looks like a natural ruby to me, but a lab could tell you for sure.

Have you looked at under a microscope yet? There are tell tale signs that will give you an idea if it’s a ruby or not. Look for silks that are in a natural ruby or bubbles that would be in a glass filled ruby for example.
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Thankyou for you advice, i had a look with a loupe I could see straight lines crossing each other.
Do you know how much this kind of ruby might be worth?

Shine a UV light on it. If it is a ruby, it will fluoresce red. Works best with a long wave UV, but it still works a little with a shortwave UV.

Is the rings metal gold?

the ring is stamped 750 with other markings but I can not see them because it is to small.

It’s probably a non-transparent ruby that is relatively common in Vietnam and Myanmar. I doubt it is glass-filled as that only occurs with transparent stones worth treating that way. Not being transparent means it is a decorative stone and probably only worth its setting price plus what a cabochon ruby is worth.

I had a look at the cabochon cut ruby price is it $4500 per carat? Is this correct?

Both man-made and natural Rubies fluoresce

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As Otter mentioned, inspect under a microscope, it’s the only definitive way to tell. I’ve been caught before following a re-cut, the stone turned out to be man-made, even had a Gemologists cert!!

If you go to the upmarket jewellery shops in Hanoi, Vietnam, you can find a nice cabochon ruby for about US$ 30 per carat, It won’t be transparent but a nice color and also natural because there is a lot of it in Vietnam and it’s only worthwhile “glassing” the cracked transparent material for a higher price. Quality transparent gems don’t come cheap, especially rubies.