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My new desk pad!

I have wanted to make a desk pad as a promotional item for the local market here in Toronto for some time, I never imagined it would be as much work as it has been!

This is what I have settled on, I would like to hear what people think.


It looks pretty useful. Some handy reference material readily available at your fingertips all the times can never be a bad thing.

I’m curious though, is this a Pad as in stationery that can be written on ? OR is this a pad that is used to protect an office desk (eg: 24"x36") ?

Either way I like it.


I do like it, but being right handed I would prefer the graph on the right and the info that’s on the right put on the left.

Thanks, it’s 11x17 and will be printed on a matte paper. I have desk pad holders that can have the paper replaced, so I can change it each time I do a run.

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Great job.:+1::grinning:

This is a fantastic idea! Would you share the file please? I would add RI of the material for my use as well as the internal ring measurement in mm…

Great idea, I would love to buy it.

I’m going to be giving them away locally as a promotional item, I will probably put some up for sale for enough to cover shipping costs.

Would you be willing to sell the digital file? I would like to customize this for my desk and add my faceting references.
Don Williams

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The inches aren’t to scale yet so it’s not quite ready, but I don’t know if I want to distribute the file.

Really good idea!!


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