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Moissanite, Friend or Foe

Moissanite seems to be a highly controversial topic. Before I read any of the discussions here, I purchased two Moissanite stones. One was a 2.55ct brilliant-cut bluey-green stone with an amazing sparkle. The second was a green 3.22ct stone in an Octagon step-cut. Both were stunning. However after reading all the hate mail for Moissanite I freaked out a little as to whether I could sell it. Anyway, it arrived and they were so BEAUTIFUL. So gorgeous, that the 3ct Moissanite was my first item to sell. I did have a very low price on it, just $50 AUD ($38 USD), but I was very happy it was actually saleable. Both Moissanite stones received some of the highest likes on my Instagram account and many compliments, and anyone I showed the stones to in real life LOVED them. My mother actually made me take the 2.5ct stone off the shop so she could have it. So even though gem connoisseurs scorn them due to their incomparable value to diamonds (I do love diamonds, of course) it seems the general public is willing to buy them!! Personally, I’m neutral on the topic of diamonds vs Moissanite…they’re both beautiful, and I feel it’s like comparing a diamond to a sphene (yes, I know most Moissanite is lab grown, but so are cubic Zirconias and they’re still pretty and the general public loves them)…they’re different but both stunning!!

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as long as there pretty to you and others and a marvelous sparkle, there worth it to you, try not to compare the stones for others

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Personally, I have no interest in synthetics or imitations because, for me, a big part of the beauty and romance of gems is knowing that people have understood these gems to be precious since before written history or even agriculture.

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Yeah true. I personally refuse to wear or own in my personal collection “fake” gemstones. Even if they’re tiny stones I would prefer that over a big cubic zirconia lol. I’m interested in what sells though

The general public do love diamond simulants and we are routinely asked what are the best fake diamonds? The answer is dead simple, Moissanite and cubic zirconia. Now gemmologists, diamond merchants and even members of the wider jewellery retail community may not like moissanite or cz but even the GIA admits their importance and recognise that they allow consumers to enjoy the flash and dazzle of diamond-like jewellery, inexpensively.

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I’ve found that it’s MUCH easier to sell gems I love! :wink:

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My preferred choice of a “colorless” colored stone is a toss up between white sapphire and goshenite.

I have no love for moissanite, cubic zirconia, other diamond simulants, or diamonds in general. (With exception of color diamonds.) From my perspective, diamonds are over-marketed and typically over priced. There is a reason why mall based jewellery stores are able to afford 70% off sales every other weekend. And the best natural diamonds are next to indistinguishable from top end lab-grown, resulting in the need for provenance paperwork tracing the stone’s origin back to region and even the specific mine.

The De Beers cartel managed the fast one of the centuries when they used movies to market diamonds for engagement rings, and their near monopoly over the African mines, among other monopolistic practices. A very interesting and enlightening topic to read about when you find time.


While I only collect colored gemstones. I do have a few colorless diamonds.the moissanite &
strontium titanate stones came with a parcel
I haven’t bought any lab diamonds yet.
If you like bright white and sparkly then I don’t see the need to judge what fits in your budget.
Enjoy the gemstone market.

I personally am not a fan of diamonds, or rather the diamond industry/ cartel. It’s ridiculous to me for people to spend a down payment on a home to buy a stone just to “keep up with the Jones’”. I’m with Victoria Beckham on this one in a way…15 new rings in 20 years of marriage or something close to that. :grin: I’ve never seen a moissanite in person yet, I’m kind of on the fence about lab grown stones…I get it…I just don’t think I want them personally. If I was a seller I might feel differently perhaps, as a collector they’re pointless.