Looking for advice on where to go from here

I found this what i am sure is a garnet in my backyard. It was in such an open well traveled spot im convinced a bird dropped it off. Long story short it has beautiful vivid colors( some even green and clear but mostly orange) i broke a frew crystals off of it but am not a faceter and wish i hadnt done that. Im left with a good size chunck im convinced is more than halfway one giant crystal. I dont know what to do from here. I wish to sell maybe but i also wanted to make myself a ring that looked like a ring pop. Anywho, im posting pictures and am eager to hear your recommendations.

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Your fragment does not look large, but you could send it to a custom faceter for evaluation and eventual possible faceting. Then you could put it into a ring or whatever. Custom faceting charges vary from about $100 to $300 for a small gem like this. IDK how transparent it is, so you’d have to get an evaluation from the professional faceter. -royjohn

Hardness and refractive index tests on a small transparent fragment may identify it as hessonite, a calcium garnet. The small size and granularity with no large transparent crystals may discourage faceting. Your local gem and mineral club could aid diagnosis based on the geological locality.