Khit Island, Russia translucent ruby!

Hi I have a Khit Island, Russia translucent ruby I bought from geocraftgems from Etsy shop. It is 63 grams. I did get it a long while ago. Anyway are translucent russian Ruby’s worth much in made into jewelry? Or would it be considered a lower grade fashion piece. What price per carat is this valued in lets say a 25 carat piece of cababson jew

elry? Also what if it was a 50 carat piece of jewelry? Thank you

It is a nice hexagonal corundum crystal specimen but only that. Cutting into it to gain very tiny transparent gems would arguably destroy its only present value as a mineralogical specimen. Similar specimens come from other parts of the world eg Vietnam so a part of its value is knowledge of the particular locality and type of rock etc it came from.


Is the value of this specimen about 100 dollars? Or what is the value of this specimen? that is my guess! ThAnk you!.

I’m in Australia not the USA nor do I deal in mineral specimens yet, so I have no local knowledge of your market place. I suggest you contact your local gem and mineral club. Members there are likely to have seen specimens such as yours and therefore may suggest what similar specimens have sold for lately. Failing that, you could search mineral auction sites on the Web to see what similar samples, if any, have sold for. It’s important to list the metric size of your specimen. You mentioned the weight. I presume it’s 'tYou don’t mention the size nor the weight of your specimen

Sorry! Forget the last sentence I wrote . I meant to say that I gather it’s 50 carats ie, 10 grams.

This rough ruby exagonal without trigon inclusion has not any value as gem specicimen
but tabular crystal. As crystal for our Gem-A practical foundation or diploma as ATC Gem-A Italy we can sell similar sample at 40-50 Euro /piece.
I cant see any traslucent value for this sample.
dr. Piero Manuelli FGA
CEO I.G.L Istituto Gemmologico Ligure Genoa . ATC Italy of Gem-A The Gemmological Assocition of Great Britain

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This ruby is 63 grams. That is equal to 315 carats!

A gemologist just told me this was pink sapphire and probably worth around 25 USD. Do you agree?

This gem auction website can give you an idea of what it’s worth
Gem Rock Auctions Ruby rough

Thank you ! Also this is a pink sapphire right? I’m just wondering because I kinda could see this as red or reddish with pink in a way !

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I can just tell you based on your pic that you have probably have corundum.
Ruby and pink sapphire are practically the same stone with the only distinction being a difference in the gemologist’s color grade.
The strength of a ruby’s red depends on how much chromium is present

Thank you for clarifying that

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Mineral specimen value is based largely on the crystallinity and rarity of the specimen and its provenance ie where it came from. Size does matter if similar specimens are usually small. Collectors who specialize in certain minerals may pay a premium to get a specimen missing from their collection. However, and in general most collectors go for a specimen with the Wow! factor. Simply, and to them, will it look good lit up in their display cabinet, and is it reasonable in price?

if it is Pink Sapphire the value is more then Ruby (as the quality is not extra ordinary) BUT to make sure if it is a Pink Sapphire or Ruby it is a more detailed work for any Gemologist as it is Not only the reading of Reflectometer. I at your place would go for Polishing it removing the upper layer to see what is inside doing this u r Risking to loss few grams but can SEE more, so decision is yours. All the Best.

what is the value of a translucent pink sapphire. Do you know? I am just curious. thanks

It is Not easy depending on many things like size,shape, weight and above all AUTHENTICITY which is possible only with a certificate from a reputed gemologist or lab which is also costly wiyh all this it is possible to ask between 20,25 per gram.

thanks for telling me. I did not know that!