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Is this Rutilated quartz

Continuing the discussion from Is there a cluster name for this:

Thank you for the responce everyone , I do have a question? You speak of this Rutilated quartz. Something I haven’t heard of, but would this happen to be one.

Here is a smaller stone, it has the same lines in it. But has flat sides which I thought was weird, it also has a mirrored almost glass look on the flat side. And there’s a line that is yellowis/orangish that goes all around the stone. Not to sure but I thought it was neat.

Hi Chris, Rutilated Quartz usually is mostly clear with fine hairlike fiber looking inclusions. They are usually either yellow/orange or black. I’m not sure what the sample you have is.

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Mutilated quartz?


Ha ha! That must be a new species!

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The name works for me

“Rutile is a commercially important titanium mineral , although most titanium dioxide is produced from ilmenite. Rutile has minor uses in porcelain and glass manufacture as a colouring agent and in making some steels and copper alloys.” rutile | mineral | Britannica <— if you click on this link it has examples of RUTILE

Also this site gives a lot more information too:

Thank you for information, I will enjoy reading.

You have a beautiful piece of milky quartz. Full of inclusions from gas and other impurities. But no rutile. Rutilated quartz, good specimens, are clear with tiny needles of rutile shooting through the quartz. The piece you have there has many uses though…garden rock, door stop, thrown at animals to keep them from a favorite bird feeder, mount on kitchen cabinet to use for breaking egg shells, meat tenderizer, anvil for breaking other rocks, or my personal favorite, put back in woods and cover with moss!! :slight_smile:

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One more use I almost forgot about…Sell it on EBay as rutilated quartz, everyone else on there would!! ha ha

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Outstanding, thank you kindly, I do have one with lines , they are black or blueish going through rock here are some photos.

It’s worth a shot.

This is rutilated quartz. For the specimen to be worth anything, the host crystal needs to be gin clear.

Hope that helps!!

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Outstanding, really appreciate your time, and knowledge.

That’s a rutilated rock. They look great polished and in a jar or at the bottom of a fish tank.

I’d say the White stone is just massive Quartz.
The other which appears to have a pinkish color appears to be Feldspar.

Beargems got it right “mutilated” but let me explain. These are a healed fracture fracture set likely to have been originally sealed (filled preserved) with quartz. These milky filled striation are the result of a significant metamorphic event post quartz fill.Quartzites that have been through intense stress and fracturing will also pick-up up the textures. I have seen it also called a spider-web texture. So I bet you will find this has been through at least two tectonic stages which a quick internet search will provide that information. I did no see where this originated.

I found it in our back yard in Idaho city id, we are north of Boise 40 miles, I apologize for last reply if you received it I was just looking at different special just before I read your post. Thank you for your time and info, if you have anymore on any of my stones I would enjoy your thoughts on them.

Lots of quartz up in them thar hills. I had a couple of nice visits to Idaho City, and did a bit of snowmobiling in Placerville… but that was in the late 70s. Things may not have changed much. Are the Johnson’s still up in Placerville?

I believe so, for I only drive through after work if we are logging that direction, but I do want to say they still are. Most people haven’t moved, just passed land down to family and so on. It has changed a little bit I’m sure , store and museum ,park. and really no new houses in town but after bumhoff passed land been selling in that area.

Rutile quartz. Novo Horizonte/Bahia/Brasil