Inherited an abundance

How can you tell the quality of a rough gem besides the clarity does it go by the color and the intensity? Is there anyone out there that can help me figure out the value of these stones?


I’m sorry for your loss.

I am in a similar situation, having inherited Colombian emeralds in various states (cut and matrix)and quality, with no idea what to do with them. Hoping to learn from replies to your post. :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to find the nearest gem and lapidary club in your region and ask the faceters there about the quality of your stones. If they want to purchase any then you can ask them what value they would put on them because these people are always looking for good material, but not necessarily at what may be commercial prices. They may also suggest a commercial cutter in your area who may want some or part of what you have. Aso, be aware that some gemstones attract a much higher price than others, eg sapphire vs peridot, so don’t expect someone to purchase the lot unless you can weigh up the differences in price.

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What State/City are you in? I may be interested if I could get few more details

Also super interested in the emeralds.

Hi there dear fellow gem lover. I would sergest doing some studdys via IGS and other articals as almost every one will builld up there Owen way of discovery, but it always comes back to IGS or GIA so as long as you can go onto the gem encyclopaedia. I have leurned a lot there too and even from the pricing guides, Like how to check for secondary hue’s and colour factors that can up or down the prices and how to correctly identify via other factors. It is also very important to remember the 4c’s and the maths behind the formula’s, But there are so many variables from gem to gem so each one will need to be jugged by its Owen set of rules and distingueshing factors unique to them as some gems types my have large family sub types such as garnet and sapphire beryl and many more.

I’m in northern New Jersey.
Lmk if you’d like more info

The 7ct+ one is nice size but kind of light in color. Also you would need to verify natural or synthetic. If you still have when I go to New York again I will contact you. Unless you could get a lab report that verified natural

I am in Arizona

Interesting to learn that the 7 carat stone could be synthetic; I never imagined that a synthetic stone would have so many occlusions.

I have had the stones examined by a jeweler, who purchased a couple of them, but he advised me against obtaining certificates because of the cost. I’ll look into finding a GIA-endorsed lab to evaluate the better stones.

Thank you.

Yes synthetic emeralds have inclusions as well, and some look similar to natural inclusions. And GIA doesn’t have endorsed labs only their own, but you could find a GIA Graduate Gemologist at a jewlery store or local lab that could verify.

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