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Help me identify this gemstone Please

Please help me identify this stone or please suggest your opinions
Large green gemstone set in 9ct yellow gold

Could be a number of things from glass…one pic there seems to be a bubble in the stone, (last pic). If that is a bubble you have a nice glass piece. Emerald, although very rare to see one clears as in the pic, usually will have cracks and/or inclusion in the stone. Faceting is not the best, no sharp lines and rounded facet edges. Need more info for a positive id.

You sure that isn’t a reflection of something in the setting. Only one bubble seems odd. Could it be tsavorite?

hi guys,
thankyou for the information.
If it is glass, does glass have Ultraviolet light spectrum?
As i know gemstones do but i am unsure about cut or facet glass.
Thank you

It appears to be a piece of glass. Small bubble and rounded facet edges point to a moulded stone.

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I had one similar to this some years ago turned out to be Emerald from Zimbabwe, it was a piece set in silver though, and had badly worn from normal wear, the facets looked very much the same before i had it re-cut.

My money is on synthetic something, the color tone does not look natural

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The colour and tone are very beautiful and I have had many comments regarding the colour.
But does glass hold light? I can see the spectrum colours as gemstones absorb light but I am not sure about synthetic stones?
thank you

I agree that it could be any number of minerals or glass.
It does “look like” HELENITE which is essentially glass produced from Mount St. Helens (Washington State) volcanic ash. It produces a nice, dark green material which I have faceted.
It looks very much to me like Helenite.

All are guesses on here as to what you have. Many times there can be several different types of stone/glass/man-made materials that, from a picture can look like the real stone. The best way to find out what you have is to take the piece into a reputable jeweler, pay their fee to have it assessed. Then you will know for sure.
Bottom line…if it looks good when worn and folks like it…Enjoy it!!