Gemstone in rock?

Hi I won a a rock off ebay around 5 years ago now and it was sold to me as a kimberlite. It does not mean it actually is. I broke it open.

But it looks to me like it might have a gemstones mixed into the rock mixed in-between rock. Is that a thing? They are the color of pink and reddish color. I could be wrong about this rock color. I realize that now. Here are pictures though. Thanks

Of course Kimberlite can contain diamonds, BUT most don’t. I like to take a piece of Kimberlite and then “salt” a diamond crystal in it and give it away as a novelty item. You can occasionally find some garnets and olivine (peridot) in a sample but only as a mineral specimen at best.

Thank you for all your info! I found something pink and sparkly also. I could post a picture of it! Thank you for again for all the information!

Even though it’s a pink and sparkly it was harder than I thought to capture the pictures. Here they are…

I wonder if they could be anything like a mineral or gem?

It did not take all my pictures

Here is a pink chrystal I uncovered from the same rock

Also from the same rock different Chrystals!

The images you have posted are interesting. Very much understandable on how hard it is to keep the camera focused on the specimen versus the rest of the field of view. :slight_smile: I recently posted a question on that subject… Photography of gemstones

With the discussion about whether or not the stone is in fact kimberlite… it could be… here is an interesting article specific to the kimberlites of the world. I was not aware of how wide-spread kimberlites are. :grin:



Oh thank you. I showed a very small piece of this rock Chrystals to a gemologist. At first he thought pink diamond but since the piece I showed him was was so small he could not properly identify it because it was so small. I told him it was sold to me as a kimberlite because it was. I won this 6 pound rock off ebay for 85 dollars. But swirley pink gemstone I’ve been finding in it is so weird like nothing I’ve seen before. Their is more than one swirley pink gemstone in the same rock found. I really don’t know what it is. I found the piece of weird Chrystals it is about one year later. It is not the structure of a pink diamond. They are probably not pink diamonds for that reason. I have tried to google the pink structure of the weird pink structure rock and couldn’t find anything like it. The pink Chrystals are just so swirley structure. I posted one of the pink Chrystal pictures with some pink swirley Chrystal shape to it. Thank you for the article.

I forgot to day the swirley pink chyrstal is mixed with white swirled a little. When I was saying is this a thing I was thinking about the pink Chrystals mixed with white gemstone in swirled. To a point it kinda looks like swirley spikes of chrystal of chrystal in-between the other more pinkish Chrystals. It kinda looked white gemstone then pink gemstone close to each other. But in the same Chrystal as one. So weird. I was thinking is this color combo a thing. But I said is this a thing to have Chrystals in-between the rock without meaning too. I was thinking about the color combo I’ve found. I meant to say the color combo like Chrystals.