Emeralds from colombia

I have some emeralds my uncle bought me back from Colombia over 20 years ago I have certificates with them I was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me a guide to value if I posted pictures of the certificates.
I don’t mean exact values I’m just curious they have been away safe for many years and I know nothing about them really. Any help with be appreciated

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Your photos do not really highlight the stones, Are the settings including the chains gold and what grade- 9,14,18? Normally, the settings and chains should be stamped with the carat grade. If the settings are gold your stones are likely to be genuine. However, although natural emeralds are valuable their price varies due to quality parameters such as inclusions, color, cut and size.


Hi there dear Karen, Jarryed here from Bijoux De Valour. It came to my attention after zooming in on the picture that most of your peaces are 18 & 14 ct Gold, so my general guess would be that the gems would be of a fear to medium grade quality. I would suggest rather taking the peace’s to a jeweller near you and letting them help you apraze the gems as emerald pricing can be very tricky! With the colours and clarity doing 90% of the work there they would need to be examined and correctly priced out per ct based on those factors of value. Pleas do keep us updated on what happens I am so so sorry that I couldn’t be of more assistants than that. I am almost sure that you are going to be in for some exiting and fun news. Best regards Jarryed.


I agree. Its very hard to tell from the pics. For me, impossible. I was wondering why they are so dark in the pics because ususlly Colombian are a lighter color. Id definately bring them to an appraiser or emerald qualified jewelery person.


I’m not experienced enough to help much with valuation of the emeralds, but I am curious if they fluoresce red under LW UV light? If I’m reading it correctly, it looks like the emeralds came from the Coscuez mine, which is hundreds of years old and I’m sure has much interesting history and lore associated with it. Very cool, reminds me a bit of Indiana Jones.
I hope you get some solid feedback around valuation, they look beautiful.

please see my post to your other question on rock ID. You need to STUDY!!!
Old high quality Colombian Emeralds from the Muzo and Chivor mines are worth a lot. Your is from Coscuez…which is in the Muzo region with the same geologic provenance. So they are potentially good stones if they meet other criteria…
The photos don’t show the size and clarity, cut, or true color of the larger stones. If you think it’s of value, which it could be, a professional appraisal costs bucks but may be worth it. With Jewelry, craftsmanship, design make the pieces more valuable than just the stones and gold themselves. Antique pieces have collectors’ value. The amount of gold used in jewelry making is quite small… I agree with the previous post that these items should be appraised. There’s no way to determine quality from photos… LW UV fluorescence doesn’t matter one way or the other, if they are Colombian…chromium causes it, iron blunts it…Columbium emeralds contain chromium. Some are weakly fluorescent. Vanadium African emerald don’t have much chromium in them…
Please look these things up for yourself and learn something before asking… doing your own research online will give you answers. Looking them up helps you learn far more than someone answering a question for you. It took me only a few clicks to fact check what I wrote.

My post above was meant for Chrysocolla01 !!! do some homework!

thanks for clarifying… your advice is professional and I agree 100%… appraisals cost money but with something that is potentially quite valuable, an appraisal by a professional jeweler is worth the cost. Besides stone value itself, craftsmanship, design and being antique has additional value or if made poorly can detract… each piece has to be appraised on its merits as jewelry in addition to stone value. This should be self evident to people on this website but too often is not.

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