Emerald Color


I mine Oregon Sunstone and sell it, but recently was tempted into purchasing some Swat Emerald rough from a dealer in Pakistan who had worked with some people I know.

Trying to find what the retail value might be once faceted. I know a lot depends on the color and that’s what I’m looking for help with here.

To my untrained eye, these look very blue green and high or very high quality color.

I’m wondering what you all might think.

Hi Brian,

last time I bought/sold was a number of years ago and the stone was £1000 ($1250) for a 95% flawless 1ct baguette stone to a jeweller. (had some inclusions on one corner that the jeweller did not want me to cut off for him which would have emerald cut the baguette)

These look like good clarity, they should cut what I personally would call a “perfect forest green” that is wonderful to see, but can get very dark as it gets to 1ct and above, … so watch out for your cut!

I would call the colour very slightly blue green, does not contain much blue (to my eye) when compared with Col/brazil, but does not look so green as to look like a chrome tourmaline for example, so all in all GOOD Colour… I don’t think they are favoured as much as the SthAmerican stones TBH in the UK anyway (example, I had to ask for a Swat stone as the dealer I was visiting did not carry any stock)




Thank you Paul, good information

Hello Brian,
These are decent color emeralds…it’s always hard to judge color, esp. when the stones are not in your hands. I’m guessing that these are grade 5 to 7 color and clarity and if your scale is showing carats, then the stones are about 3 cts each and are going to cut out to 1-2 cts each, some maybe somewhat larger. I’m guessing about $300 to $800/ct on these, but I could be wrong. I think it would be worth your while to contact a couple of cutters and send them pictures of these stones and their respective weights. They can give you an estimate of cutting costs, which shouldn’t be more than $300/stone and tell you which one(s) they’d like to cut first. You can have one or two cut and then try to sell them in the faceted stone groups on Facebook. That would be what I’d do with them…in fact I have a few emeralds here that I ought to dig up and send out for cutting…following my own advice! Best of luck! -royjohn


Hi Royjohn

Thanks for the detailed information. I had anticipated selling the cut stones at about $500-$800 per ct so i think we’re in line. Good to have a second opion confirm what I thought.

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Hi Brian,
I do Agree with Roy John, Also I do suggest faceting the gems first then figuring out a pricing schedule as it can sometimes be rather difficult to determine pice or value on a rough gem of this nature. Well said Roy John! that is exactly what I would have surmised too!

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Hi again, Brian,
I should add that if you go to thegemdoctor.com, he has a directory of gem cutters who you could contact for prices and advice. Prices are variable, so I would contact more than one person and select based on price and what they tell you, how they interact, etc. -royjohn

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Taking about the pice and value do not make sence befor facetting the rough!

Good point, I’ll be getting these faceted stones back from the cutter shortly. There are some black inclusions which i belive are common to Swat emerald, but I’m not an expert on this stone just yet. Once I’ve received from the cutter, I’ll post high res photos

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