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Easy test for copper in tourmaline?

Curious if anyone has a ‘quick and dirty’ test for copper bearing tourmaline? (when copper rutile isn’t present of course)

You read my mind!

Am I wrong in thinking that someone smarter than me should be able to make a ‘chelsea filter’ for copper?

I have NOT thought about using my Chelsea filter on my pink Paraba Brazilian Tourmaline to see it is has the same property as the Mozambique that I have. Does it work on the pink? It’s late tonight so I may look at them tomorrow. I have plenty of the greenish blue to check out.
All the best for the night.

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No, I don’t think the chesea filter in particular will work, but, there must be a way to check without a mass spec.

Someone else asked this a few years ago, no better answer: Paraiba or Copper Bearing Tourmaline, How can I know?

I don’t know about using a Chelsea filter, but you might try a spectroscope and look for copper lines.

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