Crystal Healing Open Discussion

Hi Community,
I would like to open up this discussion about crystal healing as I am curious on what peoples beliefs are about this. Please be polite if you disagree with somones claim, and don’t disagree with the person, just the claim. I will be upfront, I dont believe in crystal healing, but i haven’t ventured into this topic much. I would love to dicuss opinions on this topic.

I have mixed feelings, but I also think it’s absurd to just write it off as some fad.
Acupuncture has been practiced in China for thousands of years and critics once dismissed its benefits yet it’s now embraced by doctors in the West.
The Hindus have practice crystal/gem healing for 5000 plus years, so who knows, maybe in the future Western medicine will embrace it too.
I just wanted to add that in the 1970s, Meditation was labeled a “health trend,”


hi there dear righter. I do feel that there is a large amount of truth to the ability of a gems and their ability to effect natural electro vibration of a human is natural body of current as scientifically shown! everything has a specific amount of electro current or static energy, due to chemical reaction and radiation of those electro fields being omitted by any chemically alive object a reaction we can now messier the frequency and currents of many different objects and life forms, such as plants animals water and (Gems and or Rocks ) to. For instance Opals in the case of Australia have hi Uranium content and glow in the dark after being exposed to short wave light / UV this reaction is from the Uranium responding to chemical reaction or exchange changing its current for seconds, however this dos not mean that it fully stopes after reaction. As the sun gives of UV rays as well this would mean that there would be a constant reactive exchange as it was being exposed to sunlight or any form of UV! Meaning that there is a constant fluctuation of its natural electro field of dispersion how much it would effect the natural current of the human body is current would be interesting to know!!! my guess is the more of the gem against your skin the more the effect and altho it is now scientifically a fact that every thing basically almost everything has a current of some form. It would depend on how much the current of one gem would permeate the other? do you need a kg or a gram to see effect take place? although opal has uranium present in its chemical makeup could a kg be harmful to the human body if over exposed for long periods? we do know that your Opal ring is not going to make you sick at all but could it be giving you small treatments of benefit to your health daly .? (maybe!)

So we do know that gems do omit current some more than others but it is possible for them to have micro effects on the human electro field? but it might also be dependent on exposer and gem type and gem size or quantity of sheared energy admission? and If it was positive or negative current being sheared.
as we as humans still have a lot to leurn about the natural world around us I think the is still a vast amount of study needed here to further understand how we could use or even focus mineral currents we know how it works to a degree but not fully why as yet or the potentials available there as yet.

we know that forcing strongly active light super charged could form a laser beam that could be a weapon or a tool to help in medical aid! but we can also make prisms of many different colour light fragments that can then cary there Owen frequency’s how can that be utilised we are still finding out in our evolutionary time span only 25 to 30 years a go did we truly discover how to kill unwanted boy hair with laser red light by passing it to a spectrum selector make of fast moves highly active light passing threw a crystal glass prism safe to use for human hair ramovel.

I will leave you with this thought. If Quartz crystal can aide in running a wristwatch and black Tourmaline can be used to help direct and heighten electro charge in electrical appliances and evened build up its own charge in some cases and a crystal radio can run with no other electro additives besides a Crystal and opal glows when it is exposed to Uv light as a reaction is there ability to omit current of low to hi form not already apparent ?

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@BijouxD04702 Thank you for your response. So here is my issue with your statments. Although gems are affected by exposure to light, like humans, the sun is a much stronger, and it is radiation. Just because a gemstone is used in appliances, or as your example in a watch, doesnt mean that they can transfer electric currents to us. A watch cant run on quartz, it still needs a battery. If we look at health issues caused by gemstones, it isnt typically by direct exposure on your skin. You have to ingest the dust that contain dangerous/poisonous, chemicals/elements. And to circle back to the statments about different gemstones aiding in the running of appliances. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. A gemstone cant created its own energy, it has to gain it from somewhere else.

Glad that you have the answer to it then :wink::+1:

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gem stones haven been medically proven to do much. That being said, gemstones are pleasing to the eye and are beautiful when mounted in jewerly. Looking at them for their beauty can reduce stress, make the owner/wearer feel good about themselves and having them around. Those positive emotions are real. The metaphysical properties associated with them are of ancient lineage and if people beleive in it, those properties will induce more positive emotions…That is good enough to improve one’s state of mind. A good state of mind is conductive to health while stress, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions are not… This is a statement of the obvious and is backed up by medical science, but not the stones in and of themselves.

I used to go to this new age store that had large amethyst pieces and many quartz spheres. The owners held many reiki circles in the store and had excellent energy. I always felt recalibrated energetically when going in the store.

This store was unique, as I havent felt that anywhere else
I am an avid gem and mineral enthusiast. I go to a lot of large shows and stores.

I believe there is potential to use crystals for energy healing. I do not believe they are inherently healing per se however could be directed for healing purposes.

I believe as a Hindu, and a woman of science that crystals have souls. They live and die just like other creatures. They grow and consume. When they encounter another element of their world they adapt, adjust or are destroyed/consumed.

So like all other living things i believe that they can effect us in some way. How they do and how effective they are… we may never be able to know or verify. But I do know that they can effect me on a deep emotional level. Either from personal experience or the feelings their beauty inspires.

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Unto own their own beliefs. If i said that I was once a powerful sorcerer, adding some mumbo jumbo, some people would believe and others would think I was just making a joke. Belief is in the mind of the beholder. It matters not with gems… they are beautiful in their own right. What that beauty inspires is what you believe in or not… It wouldn’t be an inspiration if they were not beautiful…

drab old igenous rocks are my inspiration…they aren’t beautiful but the story they tell about the earth from it’s inception in the solar nebula to the present and projecting into the distant future is the beauty in them…

Science is not a belief system, although some may differ with this statement… however, “no matter what you believe, science is still right”… Niel Tyson de Grasse
That also goes for medical science which is now under skepticism and often for good reasons… I know as I am a neuroscientist. but science admits its mistakes and moves on as new discoveries are continously made… the advances in science and technology continuously add to or overturn the old… In that sense, science is like a living organism… it continously changes and evolves when new facts are discovered…
“the advantage of having a skeptical turn of mind is that one is never vexed when one has been proven wrong all along”… Sir William Osler (medical scientist and co founder of the first scientifically based US medical school, Johns Hopkins)

Crystals and cut stones from them, get their beauty from the orderly arrangement of atoms within them. That order gives them the optical properties to be pleasing to the eye. However, in actuality they are frozen in time… the order of crystals make them like ice, which also has an orderly crystal structure. As such, they do not evolve and change as living organisms do. It’s not the crystal structure itself that gives a gem personal meaning, but the beauty and the relationship between the person who treasures them and owns the stone itself… stones do speak to people thru their beauty and speak to different people differently. Diamonds may be a “girls best friend” but they are also a geologist’s best friend due to the high pressure inclusions trapped within them…

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It’s a Placebo, you believe it works, it’ll work.
I don’t believe there’s any scientific evidence to prove they do anything.
If there is any, I like a link to it.

@PL01 Yes! That is exactly what it is.

As a woman of science, can you prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that cyrstals have souls? Also, how can somthing that doesnt breathe, be alive. For somthing to die, it must first have been living. Right?

Hi. I have a deep belief in the vibrational energy that every gemstone and how they interact with us… it’s a metaphysical science, but it brings so much comfort and mental healing especially when meditating with them - it could be a placebo effect - but when you think about the vibrational energy of atoms, the vibration of sound, how light interacts with us and changes our moods… I believe in being open- minded…

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I personally do not believe that gems and stones can help in healing with the exception of warming up rocks then use them to make one feel nice and warm. The thing is however, that a lot of people do believe in it and that is great for them. I know that the healing properties of different stones does help extremely in sales!
The early Persians used Turquoise on themselves and their horses to ward off enemy arrows…does that really work??? Probably not, but if it made the warriors feel protected and made them braver in battle, then they did work.
Most black minerals, such as obsidian, are said to absorb evil spirits and impurities, do they? Set them in the sun for a recharge…that really work??

Bottom line, if a person believes it will work, fantastic! It’s all about what might make one feel better.

metaphysical beliefs can coexist with science in the same person, as can religious beliefs also coexist… unless someone is too narrow minded. The problem lies between getting them mixed up. This is should not be a problem for anyone who has a disciplined mind backed up with a factual data base.

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The human mind is an amazing organ… there is much medical evidence for its ability to help you heel. Every medical experience where half the group gets the new drug and the other half get a placebo… has shown that those getting the placebo who think they got the real drug… get better just from the thoughts they have. YES… I believe that many people benifit from gemstones… they are beautiful, interesting, and cause good feeling making them wonderful placebos for those who want to believe. For those that want to believe… more power to you… and they will likely give you some positive results. BUT… the scientific studies show that statistically the positive results exactly match the positive statistics for the placebo groups in double blind studies.

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Placebo effect can account for 10 to 50% of a drug’s percieved efficacy. It also accounts for 10 - 20% of percieved side effects. The higher percentages relates to subjective conditions such as mood, headache, dizziness, etc. The side effects are also to placebo. for any drug to be considered effective and safe, it has to statistically exceed placebo effect for efficacy and not exceed placebo effect for side effects… statistical significance requires a large sample size, high efficacy or both… This is the standard way drugs are tested before FDA approval. If someone begs to differ with the above, let them speak up.

The point is that if owning something of beauty gives you pleasure, it gives you pleasure… whether it’s a gemstone, a painting, antique furniture, created by human hands or something else created by nature. A landscape can still be owned by the mind’s eye… metaphysical properties can be attributed to all these things. The person who attributes these properties to an object is the beneficiary and not the object in and of itself… meaning is derived from the relationship of the person with the object. If there positive meaning in that relationship, then all is good in the eyes of the beholder. Gemstones have been used for centuries for metaphysical purposes, both good and evil… skrying stones are thought to behold the future, while dark stones can be used for casting a curse… It means nothing to the stone itself but means alot to the holder of the stone.

This argument springs from phenomenologic philosophy and the philosophy of aesthetics.
“existence before essence” the moniker for existentialism derives from phenomenology.

see my post in response to yours… thanks

if all of this sounds like BS, it is… don’t take it too seriously.

Dr. Marcel Vogel was an illustrious scientist, researcher and prolific inventor. Google him regarding his CV. In the 1960’s he began to share what he discovered while working with Quartz crystals. Anyone interested in the science behind crystal healing will be well rewarded studying his work.