Crystal Healing Open Discussion

Vogel worked for IBM for 20 years as a material scientist, then the 1970’s he researched the effect of the mind and emotion on plants. Vogel pioneering plant-man communications, crystal power, and therapeutic uses of quartz crystals and devices. During this time Vogel photographed the condensation of Light into solid when growing crystals in his IBM lab.

Vogel stated, “When cool, if a liquid crystal state exists, the melt goes into a birefringent state under polarized light which can be readily seen under a polarizing microscope. From this state the sample will then crystallize into the solid state.”ìIn the course of the study of this state under the microscope,

I noticed a remarkable event, namely, that before the melt went into the liquid crystal state, a blue flash of light took place. And then immediately after that the sample transcended into the liquid crystal state.

This state was videotaped by Vogel and a photo was taken at this moment of transition. What appeared on the film was a geometric pattern (hovering in space), an etheric blueprint the quartz crystal was to assume. The blue flash contained information which formed into a geometric form.

This geometric form was the source of the crystallographic form from which the crystal grew and developed. The flash of blue light witnessed through the microscope was the transfer of information from the level of light-coding to the physical plane."

Light - Energy - Information - Geometry - Crystal

While growing liquid quartz crystals, Vogel noticed through his microscope a solidified crystal begin to take the shape of the Virgin Mary, whom he had been thinking about. This transformation of thought into physical form was videotaped again later in his laboratory. This phenomenal event that Vogel recorded is the first piece of scientific evidence showing the metaphysical creative power of the mind manifesting itself into a precise physical form.

These astonishing scientific and metaphysical events were witnessed and photographed during the birth of cultured crystals by Dr. Marcel Vogel nearly 60 years ago.

Gemstones are made at the basic level, of minerals. 25 years ago, a doctor told me I did not need magnesium supplements because magnesium doesn’t do anything. Nowadays, most doctors realize that magnesium is a necessary thing that most people don’t get enough of in their diet. 13 years ago, a doctor told me she didn’t know what potassium was for. Now it is recognized as necessary for heart function. Sodium raises blood pressure. Most doctors now prescribe vitamins and herbs as well. On a religious basis, I prefer to use gemstone or pearl beads for making my rosaries instead of glass because God made them in all of their glorious colors. I also keep a 1/4 geode of Amethyst on my worktable and I feel more serene with it.

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