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Best Emeralds

Are Columbian Emeralds the best and most valuable of the larger rough ? If not, where can I find them ?

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I think it’s the most clear and best colour that is the best. I will land shortly in Zambia. Waiting on Kigali now for connecting flight. I had this cut from last trip there just a month ago

But it’s hard to find the top grade. Will probably just buy aquamarine. Just hope another great emerald will show.

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The most expensive emeralds are from Colombia.

However, that does not necessarily make them the best.

I compare it to racial prejudice:

Chinese people may be good at math, but, I wouldn’t hire an accountant just because she is Chinese, she may be terrible at math.

Every gem needs to be looked at as an individual, just like every human needs to be looked at as an individual.

That said… everything else being equal (exact same colour, clarity, weight etc.), an emerald with a paper saying it’s from Colombia is currently selling for at least a 50%-100% premium to other localities, very fine stones are selling for as much as a 300%+++ premium.

The best emeralds, guys, are the Ural emeralds. Color, hue, saturation and chemical composition

Ural ?

Dear Sir, I will can to offer Ural Emeralds, if you will interest please write me on or
thank you, Alexandr

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Yes Columbian seem to set the standard but it is a matter of preference. Clarity colour cut and carat are still the main factors in emerald as with any gemstone. However if you get a very good Ethiopian emerald I oersonally think they are hard to beat. Even those with jardin have a glow and such a warm colour. This is one I have in stock untreated certified 5.19 carat.

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These were a few years back but they come from La Pita mine in Colombia. I deal directly with one of the owners. First name basis.


Muzo Mine The smaller one is very expensive

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Muzo mine 72.5 ct A lot of money


Thanks for sharing. I’m sure this one will go to auction.

You have Beautiful Stones. I’m sure there’s a good reason or two that Columbian emeralds are at the top of the list in value. One thing may be that their history has shown their proven durability; even with normal inclusions and fractures these Columbians still hold together well. Maybe one of the more durable Emeralds.

Clearly, you have some very excellent Emeralds. Thanks for showing some of them.

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Beautiful Gemstones.

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Very nice Stones. I get concerned about the scarceity of the better Gemstones. But it does keep the values up, and up. Thanks

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They are here if you need some.
~Thanks for your kind words

Dear Sir, one of the best Emeraldes is named Ural Emeralds, and you could to find it from our, please you can write to me at email Many thanks, Best Regards, Alexandr Rumiantsev

Yes, Siberian emerald can have a light that can rival paraiba.