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Best Emeralds

COLOMBIA is a country in South America. COLUMBIA is the name of several locations in North America. There are NO EMERALDS FROM COLUMBIA!!!


:astonished:You’re saying no jewelry stores in Columbia, sell jewelry with emeralds from Colombia?? I’m shocked :confused:

Sorry, I couldn’t help it :rofl:



Yes, Columbian Emeralds are very good in quality and better.

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I strongly disagree with this statement.

I have and have had some off the charts incredible Zambian gems that are/were by just about anyone’s standards, ‘better’ than almost all Colombian material on the market.

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I would also disagree.

Colombian stones are undeniable beautiful, but others are comparable, if not in their own ways.

I currently have some Panjshir stones in the cutting queue that will rival, if not ‘better’ any stones from any other sources.

I like the analogy of the Chinese Accountant by SkyGems above. It hits the nail on the head.


Brazilian emeralds can be of the same quality as the best Colombian (there is NO Columbian) emeralds. They can come from different places like Bahia, Goias, Minas Gerais and, more recently, bluish green stones from Tocantins. So, in the end, quality (color, inclusions, size, hue) will command, regardless where they come from. 50% , 100%, 300% cost increment only because they are from Colombia? Really? No way. People are NOT paying this sort of price increment for Brazilian Paraibas when compared to same quality stones coming from Mozambique or Tanzania. Should they? Of course not.
Colombian emeralds can be fantastic, of course (and the same with the other different nationalities), but the main reason, in my opinion, for them being so famous is because they are being produced for 5 centuries. More time in business.

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I’ve cut them all ( Ethiopian, Zambia, Afghan, Pakistan,Brazil, North Carolina etc.) and Columbian have a richness and glow that seem to just surpass all others. I believe it’s the chromium content. Just check out a Colombian Emerald with for example a Chelsea Filter. It’s amazing how much more Chromium they have compared to say Ethiopian which seems to have very little. At least thats my experience as a faceter for over 50 years and a Certified Pro IGS Gemologist.

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Apparently Chromium and Iron are more present in Colombian emeralds than Vanadium (which e.g. is characteristically found in Zambian emeralds giving them a bluish green accent). Interestingly, V again and, mainly? Cu, are thought to be responsible for the spectacular Bluish Green color of Paraibas.

Incorrect, @geiofontana, Chromium (Cr), vanadium (V), and iron (Fe) are the known chromophores for emerald. Colombian emeralds typically feature very low percentages of Fe and moderate to high percentages of both Cr and V. It’s not unusual for the V percentage to exceed that of the Cr in Colombian emeralds. Zambian emeralds typically have higher Cr and Fe, and much lower V, than Colombian.

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You want rare, super expensive, and amazing color then go for north carolina emeralds. The color is fantastic and the mine has dried up so they are rapidly increasing in price.

This is one of my favourite articles ever written about emeralds, partly because it’s so easy for non-trade people to digest and understand.

Kingsmancompany: I have made the assertion many times that more money has been spent looking for emeralds in NC than the total value of all emeralds sold from NC.

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Everything is so) but the main thing is that they managed to find it) and the very fact that they found it very very cool !! And not always everything is measured in money

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I understand zambian emeralds usually do not require oiling to cover internal flaws, the material is more solid but the color is not as bright/grass green as the colombian material. several pics of my emerald pendent, 1st pic shows the pendent with a dark stone, 2nd from the top, the problem is this stone draws attention away from the other stones, the next pics are of the corrected, replaced stone, with a proper color to match the other stones-this does take time. The stones are mid+ quality & all compliment the entire pendent-steve…!

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