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Hello, everyone!
Tell me please…
How do charge the BATT and DARKSIDE laps with Diasticks and Battsticks? And do you use the moistening during the polishing?
For example,
1.I lubricate my designated for 8K BATT with WD40, then draw DIASTICK outward slowly. RPM 200.
Then wipe it and pre-polish on 400 RPM without moistening.
2. I use Darkside with oxides (Battstick).
Before charging, I spray the water, draw battstick outward slowly. Wipe the lap.
Then adjust the water to drop a bit. Maybe 1 drop per sec.
But I guess that the order, which I user is not correct, bcs the polished surface had scratches ultimately…
How do u use them?
Thank you in advance.

I don’t charge my Batt laps at all. Just use diamond spray and when it stops working, use the WD40 to clean.