5.5 carat Emerald dilemma

I have quite a nice Emerald it is 5.5 carat Ethiopian origin (couldn’t see how to attach a picture sorry!). It is 11.60 x 10.10 x 7.10 mm untreated and not oiled. does have some Jardin but not desperate and pretty good clarity. The big question! I at first thought to have it set in a ring (to sell obviously) but have a couple of people saying that a pendant would be better. I am very open to opinion on what is the more marketable? It is a nice stone, my cutter described it as a very fine stone. It is a cushion cut by the way. Anyone with any ideas please shout them out. Thanks Chris

just discovered how to I think? The attachment that is!

Hi Chris.
My opinion is that you should set it in a pendant. Emeralds can be brittle so it is more protected in a pendant than a ring.

Thank you, although i have to confess I initially was tempted to set it in a ring I think you are correct. It would be far less vulnerable in a pendant. Appreciate your time and answer.

A good designer/setter could bezel set this in a ring with some kind of protective dish around it that made it impossible to impact the emerald except by a direct blow by a sharp object from above. If you like such a mounting, it would enable you to wear such a stone without too much anxiety. All that said, I would not wear it while doing carpentry or masonry, but for everyday wear if you function at a desk, I think there would be relatively little risk. Boils down to how often you would wear a pendant and what (small) level of risk you are willing to tolerate if it were set in a ring.

Thank you I appreciate your input and advice. I had thought to do this in the forst place in honesty as thought a ring would be more saleable, I am now though in truth veering towards a pendant. If we could only predict the market better how much easier life would be!

I would recommend a pendant. Long necklaces with large pendants are trendy this fall.

Thank you great to have a young ladies perspective! I was veering towards aring but now am going to go for the pendant. I love your name by the way. Thanks again your advice is much appreciated.

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Hi @Chris777, Here is a bit of trivia that may help you decide. Always remember: “A ring is for the recipient to enjoy and a pendent is for the giver to enjoy”. I have the same dilemma right now. I just purchased a huge estate from a stone deceased dealer. There is an incredible 4.35 octagon I have sent out to GIA for cert. And I know it will make an awesome ring but a pendent may be a better choice. I would upload a picture, I just don’t see how to do that.

Thanks John, I think I am going for the pendant (having always believed it is never wise to disagree with a lady and the lovely Celestiamartin has been kind enough to give her advice).
Oddly though someone has just approached me with a possible request to have a piece made with a large Emerald, I do though have another large Emerald so one is definitely going to be a pendant… It sounds as though you have just managed to find a treasure trove yourself I hope it works well for you.
Thanks for taking time,

I had the same trouble by the way working out how to attach… i think in the end I copied and pasted it?

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Copied and pasted! Thanks

Very nice! What is the weight?
I resisted having mine treated at all as it is so seldom one sees a completely natural stone these days.

Sorry just read the previous message again 4 plus!

@Chris777 Yes, and there were several in the estate. That’s the largest. I am trying to figure out what to charge for it too. Intense green, Brazilian probably, very little Jardinaire. I will have a better idea once I get it back from GIA.

It is a really lovely stone, I would think it has been treated but then there are so few emerald that have not. The price guide is pretty good I find and I also tend to look at Hatton Garden and Burlington (I live in the UK) and that way you can take a medium. it of course depends on whether you are retailing or wholesaling as well but if you use the guide and take a look at what the high street is doing you can judge and adjust a little better. Personally i try to offer good value I used to sell to a wholesaler gem dealer and he was always fair to me and occasionally I still sell him a stone but when you see the difference in price there it is scary so I thought why not sell well below retail as it is me that sources the rough and has it cut etc. So I am trying to build up a little business selling to the public. I have a very talented up and coming young designer that is about to do some collections for me and I also offer bespoke designs. It might work it might not but it is fun and if it trips up then I still have the gems that I can sell wholesale. I would if I were you probably set the stone in a really nice piece of jewellery. If all else fails you can always give to the loved one and earn some Brownie points!

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why not let your customer decide what they want-ring or pendant

Hi and thank you. It is strange as I was going to have it made as either a ring or a pendant and was unsure and then a guy may have interest in it as a bracelet. Totally confusing! If nothing comes of it though I think I will plum for the pendant. I have a young up and coming designer I use and she has great style and for soem reason really wants to make a pendant design for the stone… and of course the lovely Celestiamartin says a pendant so who am I to argue with two ladies! Who knows though it may now be a bracelet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I have a few similar emeralds that I am opting for pendants on longer chains. I have a customer and a sister that both are requesting. My steering them in that direction may have helped some also. An emerald that large is hard to protect in most settings and still show it off well. But then again my hands are into everything even when I am not working.
Hope to see your finished design.
All the best,