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5.5 carat Emerald dilemma


You are of course quite right and a pendant it is going to be! I have a few more as well. I have quite a lot of cut stone at the moment and am trying to get a range made up, have a couple of designers lined up as I want to do something exclusive. It will be my pleasure to show you the finished jewellery. I can either post it here or email you whichever you prefer. My email is I have some aqua jewellery that should be done in about a month and the emerald will probably be about the same. Thanks for your reply.


I just sent you a message but do not know if it went through? Maybe you can let me know? Thanks my mail is


Dear Chris,
Yes, it’s the lost Otter!
I have your email now and will contact you via email. Forgive my absence. I had a reaction to medication. I’m glad to hear that you are finished with your piece. I know it’s a beauty. Your drawings were just a tease of the final beauty of what I know you created.
Now you are working with My favorite baby blue ice stones? Ahh the beauty that will adorn some lucky lady some day!!! Lol as you can see I’m a creative person and love to use my imagination just like I bet you do.
Like I said in my last note, my work is more, modern in style. I have some drawings around here that I will email to you as soon as I re-locate them. Being an ogre for the past few months had me put them away and now I have to locate them again. Ugh!
Can’t wait to see the emerald piece.
Amyayanita-Little Otter


Good to hear from the Little Otter. Sorry aboutt he meds,I m would you believe also a herbologist! Should have some pics of the aqua jewellery in a few days as the stones are just being set… than the emerald necklace should be started and then I am going to do some stuff with Ethiopian opal and sapphires? I have some really lovely sapphire small but gorgeous so going to do a sort of cocktail ring I think. Have quite a few nice stones about at the moment so will see where they take me!


Hi again,
Just had a video of two aqua rings I have just had made and a pair of earrings. Came out lovely. sadly the forum doesn’t seem to take video format? So have been unable to send.


That is a bummer on the videos. Aqua is a beautiful stone that is overlooked as designers stone. Yes it is somewhat abundant and inexpensive but its beauty speaks for itself. The range of hues are tempting for me as a modern artist. I have my eye on a few stones for a design but unfortunately my better half has told me NO! :0 I have some awesome Lightning Ridge Opal that I need to finish cutting and get set before I do anything!
All the best!


Hahaha! Check out your email! That is so funny because I mentioned sapphires and opals today. I have a boatload of Ethiopian rough that I have to cut and some that I need to do the finish polish on so I can set them. I would like to use these with some Sleeping Beauty Turquoise that I have put back.
That is awesome about being an herbalist. Now you shal have your brains picked from across the pond. Just fair warning :warning:️ I’m pretty well educated on my herbs but I am always wanting to learn more.
All the best!