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Zultanite sourcing

Hello, I collect gems and have recently been to Turkey for zultanite. I wasunfortunatley dissapointed and sold fakes from someone who appeared to be reputable. my question is if anyone knows how or where to source good zultanite either on the web or physicaly shopping for it

Subject: Zultenite
Body: We have a zultanite mine in Turkey and we need a distribütör or partner for USA bazaar, Whatever you will prefer ore mine or processed mine,we are ready for cooperation if we have agreement we will certificate the every carat or if you prefer we will just produce for you and you will certificate for your own brand, Every week we have 1.500 carat production capacity, If you send me your mail adress, I will send the picture and video of our Zultenite If you interest our mine please contact with me With my best regards Ümit Güzelbey / +905326209704

Color Changing Turkish Diaspore, Faceted in the US but a Multi-Award Winning “Master Cutter”:

Zultanite is a trade name. The company’s name is the same as the gemstone, which is gem quality color-changing Turkish Diaspore. The company’s website is If you go to their website the home page is actually a complete listing of retailers including (but not limited to) QVC and JewelryTelevision (JTV). All of the retailers listed on their homepage sell this Diaspore registered under the trade name from the company Zultanite.

Color change diaspore (Zultanite, which is now called Csarite) comes from the Mylenium mine in Turkey. They have authorized me in the past to cut their rough on an as-needed basis, so I may be able to get one to cut for you. Email if you want me to send you photos of the last one I cut for a customer.

Hi -
Diaspore from Turkey has been around for decades and sold under various tradenames. I am an author and have been a rare stone dealer for nearly 50 years and have some nicely cut stones from rough acquired in the 1980s at prices well below the current market. These are glassy clean and bright with a strong green color and flashes of red under incandescent light; sizes are 1.38, 1.91, 2.27, 4.03 and 4.31 carats.
You can see my CV and bio online at and I can be reached at