Zincite identification

Under UV light

Everything I’ve found says Zincite, but not many of the images look like my specimen, although some do, just a lot smaller. Any information would be appreciated.

Hi MichaelA93861 and welcome to the forums.

I would agree with your identification of zincite. Researching on the past minerals sold archive on e-rocks there are definitely specimens of this colour, habit and strong green fluorescence pictured there. Unfortunately I can’t post those here due to copyright.

It appears that these specimens are characteristic of an anthropogenic origin - namely smelter chimneys. Specimens that look very similar are from smelters in Poland (but could probably originate in any number of smelter locations).

You might be able to look for a manganese spectrum with a spectrometer as partial confirmation. The colour looks very similar to Spessartine which is also a manganese spectrum.

Alternatively you could get confirmation by XRD, SEM and Raman. Joy Desor at Home (website home page) In Germany offers very reasonably priced analytical services for these methods. She is also an e-rocks dealer of rare minerals.

Thank you for the information. I will definitely look at the links you posted. I appreciate it.