Who can help me identify these gemstones?

Hi Everyone, I joined this website to see if I could get some assistance on identification. I inherited a few rough gemstones along with some rare coins and other collectables. It’s a strange assortment, but with very distinctive shapes. There are so many similarities with images online - I can’t seem to match anything to be sure. I have also sourced some tools to reduce the possibilities but haven’t been able to get a definite identification as yet.

Photos below of the first rock I found interesting - its translucent green, has bands through it, the break you can see, I have matched to the other end of another piece I have, but I tried to polish it to see if that helped with identification.

Please let me know if anyone recognises anything that can help me identify these stones!

Here are some more photos of the next interesting stone - mainly because of it’s shape, let me know what you think?

Here is rock 3 - yellow and has a particular shape that matches some others.

Hi Diamond 351
The shapes of all the stones look to be simply waterworn, ie the slow grinding down process of nature.
The green and yellow look to be agates while the grey stone could be a quartz. But you are right, in the end it’s almost impossible to correctly identify stones from pictures. They need physical testing

Hi Yes I also think the green, yellow may be agate or Chalcedony, not sure on the grey stone could be a light coloured agat also just my thoughts thanks.

These don’t appear to be anything that could be worth much. They aren’t transparent facet rough and they aren’t very colorful, so the two main determinants of value aren’t there. If you attend a meeting of your local Gem and Mineral Club, you might be able to find someone who would help you ID them. Sometimes clubs which have an annual show will set up an ID booth during the show. If you have a geology department at the local university, that also might be a source of help.

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your input. I just missed the annual gem show here (bummer!) but have found a club that is not too far away so will investigate further in the next couple of weeks when I get some time. Attached is an image of the collection - any further feedback would be great. Thanks again for your help.

This looks like a semi transparent quality Yellow Sapphire Stone.