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Who AM I !!!?

My name is William Kuchling call me Bill. I am 42 I am a adventurer at heart. I am a Service Connected Disabled US Army Veteran who is currently working for the Veterans Affairs Hospitals across Maryland. I have been around the world and am blessed to have experienced many things. I have been running a side business for many years selling and buying in electronics and collectibles at markets and online. I am now interested in opening a new chapter in my life I have always been fascinated with fossils and stones when I see a cut in the earth or a hill that’s been excavated I am looking for fossils and stones I am the strange one who searches for the KT Line boundary in the earth haha. I have always been a collector and polisher. My mother had to always check my pockets before adding to washing machine I had stones and fossils and more in my clothes. This is my new journey I am extremely in love with OPAL ANY AND ALL OPAL. I just am amazed with the fossilization and rarity of natural Opal. The process of its creation BAFFLES ME TO MY CORE. I look forward to gaining the certification and credentials needed to cut polish rate and sell Opal. For others to fall in love just as I have.

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Welcome, Bill. I’m also a sc veteran, but Vietnam was my war. I was fortunate to live in Australia for 3 years in the late 70s with many trips to Lightning Ridge. That, of course, got me started cutting opal. If you don’t already have a copy of Frank Leechman’s “The Opal Book”, try to find a copy. It’s outstanding and will really get you going.