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Which jade is this?


Iv bought this and seller said its handmade chinesse. But he said jade he did not specify which jade. So maybe someone can recognize it? I cannot even say is it real. seller says it is.

In att i send two pics one is to see color in cloudy weather, other backlite with moby in daylight. and maybe some overall opinion since i dunno to much about jade except it needs to be green and transparent :smile: )…


This does not resemble any jade i have ever seen. It could be Chrysoprase or Aventurine ?


i measured spe. grav and its around 2.6 :smile:

so much for honesty… it was to cheap to be true :smile:


but mohs is preatty high i could bearly scratch it with stainless steal (swiss army knive) and could not with the key which is I dunno what metal :blush: but knive cuts key lol but pendant doesent cut key so i would say around 4.5-5.5

yea my knowledge and methods are shity :blush:


I think i have it.


Bowenite pics

hardness 4-6.
spec gravity: 2.58-2.62.


I believe your right, I looked up quite a few carving specimines , and it appears to be identical to your carving.


I got full refund and can keep item :blush:


that is not jade not at all


Hello All … These are floating around on the ebay and are machine cut. It is not dense enough to be Jadeite or Nephrite jade with your SG measurement of 2.6 … Lots of fake jades out there are Serpentine!! I have a white serpentine pendant that looks just like White Nephrite (Mutton Fat Jade). My white serpentine fluoresces medium intensity light greenish white under UV-LW and is inert under UV-SW. White Nephrite should be inert under UV Long and Short. I have an IR Spectrometer in my lab where I can also see and Identify polymer impregnation, dyes, and evidence of bleaching. You have to IR test your jades to know for sure if they are treated or not. I enjoyed the posting and responses on this topic.


You can alway heat a pin or some sharp object & see if it melts. It could even be plastic, but with the SG I wouldn’t think so.


It is a nice looking piece and getting it free makes it even nicer… lol


Either way, it makes a nice decorative piece…


Thanks for sharing.


this is nephrite jade 100%natural