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Where to get natural genuine moonstone cabochon

Hi! I’m looking to purchase a genuine natural moonstone. I’m weary of sellers and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on where to get one. I’m having it set in a ring. Thank you so much :blush:

JTV, which stands for Jewelry Television, is a company that has been around for ages. They not only sell jewelry online and on their TV channel, but they carry loose gemstones also.

You’ll want to be careful though, because you may end up buying more than just the moonstone :wink:

They were my addiction back when they not only sold jewelry on TV, but gemstones too. My favorite item to buy was the 100 ct gemstone parcels containing diamonds, rubies, emeralds, chrome diopside, tanzanites etc. Because of those parcels, I have 3 100 ct gem trays and 4 50 ct. full of gorgeous high end stones, some that came from the parcels and others I bought individually after I caught the fever. Unfortunately, the economy changed, gemstones prices went up and the parcels disappeared.

Anyway, my point was they are very reputable.