Where to get "Garbage" diamonds?

Hello! I’ve been a family-educated amateur dealing gems and jewelry for about 20+ years (probably closer to 30), currently studying for my certification from IGS. Have slowly accumulated all of my equipment and hope to take the test soon. That being said, for years and years I’ve watched several eBayers selling mediocre and what I call “garbage” diamonds. Diamonds that have inclusions, fractures, poor cuts, and not great colors. Despite them being low-grade diamonds, bidders seem to gobble them up. I typically only make jewelry with top grade of materials (solid metals- not plated, top grade gems, etc) but I’m thinking of making some more affordable jewelry for a few customers (friends) who have specifically indicated they are willing to sacrifice quality for size in a diamond. Does anyone know where I can get low-grade cut diamonds (“garbage diamonds”) wholesale without purchasing from eBay and without having to come up with $10k for an order?

Alpha imports dot com