Where do you buy/sell gemstones or rough?

Hello all,

I am trying to find good place to sell my gemstones and potentially larger quantities of rough. The stone I mine is Oregon Sunstone, which is a copper bearing feldspar material. My website right now I advertise through Meta (Facebook and Instagram) as well as on Etsy but only a few sales a month (if that). I will be attending a gem tradeshow this weekend but wondering whether anyone here has used Polygon or other such website to sell, what has been successful for you? If you’re a jeweler, where do you buy? Would you buy from someone who called you on the phone and walked you through their website? This is also something I’m doing.


Hi Brian, I wanted to ask the same question. I like your website and will go through a bit more thoroughly later, but was struck by the first ring you have displayed and it’s similarity to something I’ve recently been mining. Is that first picture on your site a sunstone?

Hello Scott, Thanks for asking.

Not sure which first picture you mean. In this snip you’ll see three photos as they appear on my website. From left to right they are 1.Oregon Sunstone (bi-color green), 2. Oregon Fire Opal and 3. Oregon Sunstone Pink. Oregon Sunstone come in a variety of colors, the most common being a champagne color similar to something between topaz and citrine.

Hi Brian,
I took a look at your website and really like what you have put together.

As to Polygon, i have personally considered this for my company but am not sure if it will produce more sales. You might ask for a free look to see what others have posted there. You might also want to ask for figures of sales for your category of gemstones.

I will suggest that you look into having a seller account for your business on Gem Rock Auctions

They only allow natural earth mined gemstones to be placed on the site. They have a global audience.

I hope this helps!

Thank you, i will check this out