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Where can I sell low to high quality sapphires?


We are a Gem mining company based in Balangoda (Mining regions) of Sri Lanka.
We have been in the mining industry and selling sapphires in rought to many leading companies in Sri Lanka for over last 30 years.

Very recently we started cut and polish business and we are now trying to sell our cut materiel online.
We have low to high quality Blue Sapphire , Pink Sapphire , Yellow Sapphire and Padparadsha at very competitive pricing.

I was wondering how to find some buyers or platforms to sell Online.

All your guidance are much appreciated.


I would like to see some pictures if that’s possible


ceylon.gemstones has posted pics of several sapphires for sale in the For Sale section of the Forum. Here are links to some of those:

If you have questions for ceylon.gemstones about those sapphires, reply to the For Sale posts.



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Hi There,

You recently replied to one of my forums, I have just sent you a return email regarding that.

I was just looking through some of your posts and came across this one. I run a graphic & web design business in Sydney Australia. My core business (20yrs experience) is building custom online stores that auto connect to Google Shopping listings, Ebay and other selling platforms. What this means is once set up you can add new listings to ‘your website’ and these listings will be automatically published across all the major selling platforms (Google, Ebay, Amazon etc). We can provide online screen sharing training to show you how to add new products and manage the site once set up.

Let me know if your interested. I have a trusted Sri Lankan contact who I work for here locally and have built online stores for if you need a reference.

Thanks & talk soon,



I am interested i blue, pinks and padparadcha sapphires, natural untreated, eyeclean/IF,

Pls send your offer with photos an my email adress:

Thank you and best regards

Kurt Zalka