Where can I buy a US made high quality Faceting Machine with Mast

I am admittedly a ‘‘Learning Faceter’’. Having cut several hundred stones from soft to hard. I even attempted a few diamonds initially, ruining many cheap diamond discs. Unfortunately, I never had the capital to invest in a large name-brand Facet table or machine. Solely surviving on eBay junk and even my own table designs.
To the point, I NEED A QUALITY FACET MACHINE—preferably American-designed. But I am open-minded to alternatives as well. Ultimately, I would love to purchase a brand new $5,500 machine plus shipping. Alas, I’m without funds to match. I have just over half that and am okay with purchasing a "lightly used’’ higher-quality deck. For some odd reason, whenever I search for ‘‘faceting_Machines’’ online, generally speaking, the only ones that come up are foreign and a poor design. Even now, when I search, only one name brand comes up. The other ones are either out of business or impossible to contact. The only other alternative I have found was a reasonably priced one, which looks like a decent machine. Yet they wanted a $400 shipping cost which is a red flag to me. Usually, shipping calls are not refundable, even when purchasing on a guaranteed buying platform.