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What stone could be This


Can it be Agate?


Possibly. But the image is blury so its hard to make anything out other than black and orange banding.


I believe it could possibly be banded agate. I recognize the style of banding, but since the picture is blurry, it’s a challenge to confirm the identity of the stone…

I have done a lot of agate hunting, which is why I am going with agate.


It is after my experience a variety of agate or a tigereye originally who was caught in a second melting “pot”.
When it comes to reality of geology it is such a mace of posibilities. Again a cert lab test will sure tell what it is.


The translucency on the two ends is a clue of chalcedony in origin; I’m still saying it is iron oxide (FE2O3) stained banded agate. Colors are too translucent to be tiger’s eye.


Blurry picture but if your stone looks like one of these, then it is TigerEye.