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What quick information do YOU want on a sorting/desk pad?

Need some help, I am printing promotional sorting/desk pads for clients.

I want to make it as useful as possible so people LOVE it, ideally, I want people calling me saying “I saw James with your desk pad, I want one!”

It is going to be printed on 11x17" ‘tabloid’ paper.

Info I want to put on so far:

  • Logo & info at top (obviously)
  • Ruler across bottom.
  • Birth Stones
  • MM Size Chart for rounds, square, ovals, emerald cut, pear shape, marquise that includes approx weight for diamonds for: beryl, corrundum, quartz, tanzanite/zoisite, tourmaline, topaz and zircon.

MAYBE Gemstone Clarity Types with a quick explanation and examples?
MAYBE Popular cutting styles? Emerald Cut/Oval/Round/Marquise??? Really having a hard time squaring this. It may make more sense to have unpopular cutting styles with names, like coffin, rose cut, kite, shield etc?

I think that things like RI/SG etc would be overkill because most of my customers are jewellers and dealers who won’t know what to do with it.

Grateful for any help you can give!