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What kind of mineral is this

Our riverbed is dried out for the first time ever and I stopped for a quick look and I found this one in the mud. I have no gemologist tools with me. Any one know what it is?

Hi is that a cleavage plane in photo 2 ??? or it just may look like it

I polish it

Did a simple specific gravity test I think it’s quartz.
I can stop digging :grinning:

Good day! You have exactly quartz) I’m almost 99% sure of this) Although everything is true that we picked up and showed interest, because often you can accidentally raise it - topaz, euclase and even diamond)

Yes. This stone appears to be citrine; tumbled and broken and rounded.
Tom C

That really looks like a quartz.

I have seen same muddy sample several times. From the pictures it is a quarts.