What is the value of this 69.1 carat russian emerald I made in jewelry class?

Hi I made a 69.1 carat translucent Russian emerald cabochon in jewelry class. What is the value per carat and the gemstone total price of this emerald? I’m still going to put it in a silver setting pendent.

I forgot to say it is not a treated emerald!

It would be considered Fashion jewelry.

This type of tumbled commercial material is not sold by the carat, but by the piece. It is of a grade where lack of treatment or country origin will have little effect on price.
If you intend to make something for yourself, please enjoy its own beauty, and the pleasant experience you had obtaining it. It’s worth is what you paid.

Thank you!

Hi Jennifer,

First of all, beautiful job on the caboshon. I wish my first effort on the lapidary wheel looked as nice as yours. It’s a skill i still use frequently but am never fully satisfied with my results.

That being said, cabochons like this are usually per gram and generally quite inexpensive. You might find something like this in Tuscon for $40-$60. Usually the ones people are buying for many thousands are far more translucent.

Thank you for telling me! Now I know!