What is the value of Persian turquoise gem grade

Hi what is the value of Persian gem grade untreated tourqoise. Like price per carat if was turned into jewelry and price if it was just by itself? I mean like the top 5 percent of turquoise and also if it be the top 1 percent of turquoise? Also what would it cost for price per pound. Thanks in advance.

Like any turquoise…it all depends. There are two active Persian mines: Kerman (a copper mine) and Neyshabur (the oldest active turquoise mine in the world…operating continuously for over 3000 yrs). I think there was a 3rd but it hasnt been active for years. Neyshabur tends to have a higher value due to it being the original Persian turquoise…so i will focus on it.

It also depends on what you are calling gem grade. The highest value from the mine is called Ajami (may also be referred to as “clear”) which has no matrix at all (think about the best SleepingBeauty you have seen, but the color is better in the Neyshabur). Next down in value is the deep, dark blue with dark spiderweb matrix (think Lander Blue but not quite as deep of a blue and not as tight a matrix).

Value will ultimately depends on your market. I have bought very good Neyshabur rough for $2 to $5 per gram…dont know what the Ajami goes for.

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I mean persian tourqoise that Looks more like sleeping beauty color of tourqoise. how much is The top 1 percent grade of tourqoise per carat? Also what is the cost per pound of it. How much is the top 5% grade of that thorqise per carat? Also what is the top 5 percent grade if that tourqoise per pound?

It is not treated tourqoise im talking about…

Jennifer, this is a good website to get a general idea of how much turquoise from Iran costs per carat.

Iranian Turquoise (Irani Feroza)

They’re selling pieces from $311- $2507 / ct

Google “Extra Persian Turquoise Nuggets” if you’re interested in sizes/pricing by the pound

thanks for all your help with the the price per carat. The number was all over the place for me to find.