What is the price difference of translucent blue green garnet to transparent blue green garnet?

What is the price difference of translucent blue green garnet to transparent blue green garnet? I have a piece of rough blue green garnet from a while back. I think mostly translucent. It may have some transparent crystals in their. How much is translucent blue green garnet in jewelry price per carat around? It is Hematite with Spessartine Garnet and Barite formations.

It is way more blue looking with water on it!

One more question if you had hydrogrossular greyish blue garnet or blue garnet would that count as a discovery? I looked online and not found that color of hydrogrossular blue garnet that existed in That grey blue to blue color. Each time i put water on This stone and get dirt off the more blue it becomes. Like it had dirt on it when i got It. does anyone think this could be hydrogrossular blue garnet? I have a rock in half across and it is a blue garnet across the rock. It is shaped nore like hydrogrossular blue garnet to me. I actually did not look into the color of the blue garnet. Maybe i could call.it more of a blue grey? I just assumed blue green before. I need to test incandescent light still. Thanks

Hi Jennifer, I don’t know where you found this specimen, but it looks more like calcite or calcite with chalcedony to me.

I got it from eyeofnepherite from etsy a while back. I thought it was garnet. They sold to me as,a,garnet. Thank you for telling me! Sometimes it looks really blue grey. Other times it looks really more of a grey color and less,blue to me. Odd! It could be just me? Well thank you so much! Thank you for helping me identify it!

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The eyeofnepherite shop came from california from 40 acres in Humboldt county that they own land their. they found it on their property and sold it to me on etsy. I already asked this question too!

And they advertised it as blue garnet?

They did advertise it as a Hematite with Spessartine Garnet & Barite. I am going to talk to them again maybe…

More photos!

The first time they sent the wrong one. So they gave it to me free of charge. Then they sent the right one!

When i first got one of the stones it looked more red. Here is a picture

It is the same exact stone! How weird!

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Most of the time to me it,still does,look red when i usually first look at the stone! To me either it is tricking my eyes or changing colors!

Do you think this could be a color changing blue calcite? Maybe a blue to red one. Thank you

A crystal of calcite can be multicolored, but my guess is there are probably other minerals in addition to the calcite that can’t be identified by a picture

Thank you for all your help!

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