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What is the only mineral listed below that is harder than an alexandrite?

  1. Chrysoberyl
  2. Corundum
  3. Beryl
  4. Lapis Luzuli

🙋 I know…the answer is 2. Corundum, with a hardness of 9. Chrysoberyl and Alexandrite have a hardness of 8.5. Beryl are 7.5-8, and Lapis Lazuli is 5-6.


Of course Corundum)

Alexandrite IS a Chrysoberyl.

Very true, but not all Chrysoberyl is Alexandrite😉

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Ive posted here before about alexandrite, a hard & durable stone, wonderful for any jewelry on can add to your body. I prefer pendents so wife & I can wear. I just had my pendent appraised & what a shock I got from my appraiser. This pendent is a product of several yrs of stone hunting & working with my jeweler to build my specs. the appraisal is here-enjoy-steve…

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Beatiful) But still, based on the author’s question, corundum from the presented list is more expensive than Alexandrite (aka chrysoberyl)