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What is the kind of gemstone?

Please, who can help to understand what kind of stone. 1.6 carat Hardness above 8, changes color from green to yellow. what is the value ?
thanks in advance for comments

I’m no expert, but looking online with the key words "gemstones with a hardness of 8 " I came up with chrysoberyl. It can be form in gem grade material and alexandrite is a color-changing variety of chrysoberyl, only it changes from reddish-purple to green, but it could possibly do the color-change shown in your pics, again I’m no expert. It might be worth your while to have it appraised, I imagine that the worth of the stone would easily cover the cost of having it appraised.

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Looks like Chrysoberyl👍

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I agree it looks like color change chrysoberyl

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yes that was my first thoughts also

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What is its value? can someone help me?

Lemon Quartz will do the same thing. However, the hardness is only 7.

It may be a colour-change diaspore, but the hardness would be only 6,5-7. How did you measure the stone’s hardness? Did you use hardness pencils?