What is the best handheld torch?

Just a quick question on which is the best handheld torch/flashlight for ‘on the go’ gemstone grading and studies?
What torches do you guys use?
Can you recommend and maybe link me to where I can buy them

Many Thanks Will

The one I use is a pen style flashlight. Anything with a single bulb in case you need to use it on star gems (anything with multiple bulbs will break the star or cats eye). It’s very affordable, and it does the job well! Just takes two AAA batteries.

You can get them at any hardware store…
Here is a link to it: https://www.janeiceproducts.com/shop/flashlightpen_styleled-177-sku-ene_pled23aeh/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2vn1sZry1QIVBR1pCh0TtQXBEAQYCCABEgIdvPD_BwE

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Maybe your iPhone light???

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Hi I use a Mitylite Pelican 2300 torch as attached website below it is a Xenon light source which you need to get true colour and if you are studying with a spectroscope this is a good light any LED light source will give you false lines/readings.


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Maglight makes an incandescent that works well.