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What is approx cost per carat to facet a Ruby or Sapphire?

What is an approximate expected cost per carat to have a Ruby or a Sapphire faceted with a simple cut ?

Hi Tom. I and a lot of other gemcutters here in Australia charge the same to cut sapphire and ruby as any other gemstone as there really isn’t a great deal of difference time wise in cutting various types of gemstones. Sometimes it takes me longer to cut a stone such as amethyst than a sapphire. Wherever you are I feel the cutting cost per carat for sapphire and ruby should be very similar if not the same as for other gemstones.

pricing in Australia depends on 3 things
1 size of the piece of rough
2 the quality of the rough
3 Type of Cut - commercial or High End Meet point faceting. Price 30-80+ for a 1Crt finished stone

Here in NYC lets say approx a 3 carat rough with a nice shape to hopefully yield a 1+ stone is around 100-$125 price for larger or smaller will vary