What could this be?

Hi I think I uncovered a greasy stone. When I scrap at it it is whiteish grey underneath then since it is a natural ophiolite rock so it is naturally a green host rock. It gets dirty and dusty and acts like mud after I put water on it trying to get the dirt off. Does anyone think I may have found the shape of a gemstone or a shape of a diamond? This shape has 8 sides. Thanks

If you can scrap it so easily then it is too soft to be a gemstone… if it is a mineral then it looks more like serpentine or massive chlorite. To count as a “side” of a mineral or gem… must be very flat, planar surface… you don’t have an “eight sided” stone…looks more amporphous for its shape. If you collected it from a real “ophiolite” (a series of diffent rocks are present in an ophiolite) then it is likely a rock called “serpentinite” made mostly of the mineral serpentine. Thanks for the good images, makes it a lot beter for giving you insight into what you have found.

I was thinking serpentine as well but that can indicate other good things in the area

And personally I love serpentine

Thanks now I know. I guess the 8 sides was thrown me off track about what is was I know now that what it is . Thanks!