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What Causes Jewelry Chains to Break and How to Prevent It

Have you been through the pain of losing a much pretty jewelry chain because it suddenly broke or slipped out of your neck? It seems painful, right? Following ways shall surely help you avoid unpleasant instances like those.

With trends set across the global market to go for delicate and light jewelry, it gives rise to a prime concern of breaking this often expensive jewelry.

Minimal jewelry which is a trendsetter these days need special care so that you can shine on with grace post donning them. There are so many concerns with jewelry and it requires a lot of effort to keep them intact and beautiful.

  1. Reduce In Over-Cleansing

It is likely that we are prone to over-wash our jewelry because of sweat threats by the virtue of spending a bomb on them but in the lieu of keeping it clean always, we tend to excessively wash it which affects the innate shine of jewelry and it’s a strength which even does end up breaking it.

Thus, it is suggestible to not wear jewelry-making chains while in contact with soap, spa, or chlorinated water.

Jewelry can however be cleaned with lukewarm and baby shampoo or mild soap to keep its beauty intact. While artificial pieces of jewelry get rusted while being in contact with the environment, it becomes all the more significant to clean them well while keeping in mind to not over-clean them.

  1. Choose The Right Look

A hook or the ending of a chain or other necklaces is the most delicate part of jewelry, it is way too prone to break and subsequently poses a threat to losing the pendant or other parts of the jewelry. It thus needs to be considered if the chain or any jewelry has a soldered or unsoldered hook. It is preferred to have a soldered one such that it doesn’t harm one’s neck with an open end. But, most pieces of jewelry do have an open end such that if it gets stuck, it can easily be detached and can henceforth be saved from breakage.

Therefore, a hook is also relative to the long life of a piece of jewelry.

  1. Last Thing To Put On And First Thing To Take Off

Amongst the many precautions to be taken into consideration and numerous jewelry chain tips to follow, it is also to be noted to wear them for a shorter span such that it can be taken care of and not forgotten or worse, misplaced. All the more, it prevents jewelry from getting tangled while getting changed or before donning an outfit.

In the case of weak chains, it becomes all the more needed to pair it with a pendant such that they wouldn’t get entangled or unable to carry their weight leading to the breaking of both. A chain-pendant algorithm then comes into sight then.

  1. Store Them Well

The closure and the most essential way to not let your jewelry chains break is to store them in a moisture-free safe space. Different jewelry can be stored separately to avoid breakage due to entanglement and also for easy reference of them. If jewelry is to be stored for a longer span, it is advised to use cold moisturizer over them, dry and then store them.

We, keep into consideration all of these aspects while selling the best jewels to you in a hope that your jewels are way worth your purchase and assure you sustained beauty without breaking.

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